Rearview vs. Frontview

Unless you invest in start-up companies without rearview results, you are always using the rearview to forecast the frontview to some extent.  For most companies that interest me, the immediate road behind looks like a […]

Usain Bolt vs. Bobbi Gibb

If I asked you to bet on a race between Usain Bolt and Bobbi Gibb, you would probably first ask who is Bobbi Gibb–first woman to run the Boston Marathon, and secondly, what distance is […]

The Box: A Business History

My least favorite books are investment books.  Reading an investment book to learn about investing is like attending a lot of MLM presentations in order to find a job. My favorite books, on the other […]

Diamonds, Shoes, T-Shirts and ETFs…

Michael Burry wrote short bits about companies he was researching for MSN Money a while back.  If you haven’t heard of Michael Burry, you should read The Big Short.  Michael Burry did very well for […]

XOOM Corp.

With a ticker symbol like XOOM, I am more inclined to zoom past the company than go to the effort of opening up the latest 10k (and yes, I understand that was a lame attempt […]

Questioning the Board?

In my Corporations class at law school, we learned that Boards of companies act in a way that benefits the company, otherwise an efficient market would remove the socialist offenders to be replaced with Randian […]