Competitive Advantage and Annual Letter

The stock market is a zero-sum game and any potential investor will ask a fund manager, what’s your competitive advantage?  I have thought a lot about this, most of my thinking has been occupied with […]

Imitating Genius

Admit it, you want to be like Alan Turing. Or the next Michael Bury, to be featured in the Michael Lewis’ next book. An elaborate mystery within a puzzle…the key that unlocks great riches. The […]

Ben Graham’s Greatest Gift

My family is moving this summer.  We looked at some houses over the holidays.  We found one we liked and the seller suggested a price.  Two weeks later, we sent a letter offering to buy […]

Rule of 10: Shake Shack’s IPO

If there were ever an IPO where I had some special insight, it would be Shake Shack.  After Shake Shack opened a location about 10 blocks from our apartment in NYC, I probably ate there […]

Gambler’s Fallacy–An Investment Version

Gambler’s Fallacy has something to do with events and frequency.  You can read about it here.  My version of gambler’s fallacy is that people associate the statistical risk/reward relationship of poker with investing in order […]

Investing Tourism

If you don’t know who the patsy in the room after 10 minutes, it is probably you. Source: A lot of people… For two years, I was the patsy.  I lived in Germany from the […]

Investing Shortcuts

I was supposed to be studying for Criminal Law.  It was a tough class.  I had all the intentions of studying when I walked over to the law school that evening.  Instead Fooling Some of […]

Of Castles and Moats

Earlier this year, my family and I spent some time in India.  I would estimate about 50% of the main tourist attractions in India are Castles or Forts–I am not completely clear what the difference […]

Weight Loss vs. Investment Returns

Most things in life are weekly or monthly.   Think about that for a moment.  Most people receive a bi-weekly paycheck (some weekly or monthly).  If you are trying to lose weight, you have probably […]