Ham Sandwich CEO…in Real Life

“I always used to tell [Bill] Gates that a ham sandwich could run Coca-Cola. And it was a damn good thing, too, because we had a period there a couple of years ago where, if […]

The Cheddar Bunny Market

I wrote this post back in June following the decision by Annie’s auditor to leave and concurrent questioning by an analyst regarding the possible sale of the company.  It didn’t seem worth posting then.  Maybe […]

Modern Graham Three-Company Comparison

Security Analysis is sort of like the Bible, everyone references it, but no one reads it. One of the great things about that book is how Graham compared two or three companies and only revealed […]

Elevator Rides and Investment Horizons

I had the opportunity to ride in a few fancy elevators in recent weeks.  You know, the ones with television screens.  Both featured business stations, CNBC on the one, and Bloomberg on the other.  CNBC […]

I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday…

Investing should be simple.  The best way to make it simple is to think about a large business as if it were a small one and you were the only owner. Enter Wimpy.  The timeless […]

A Tip Jar for Analyst Downgrades?

After the Great Depression, Ben Graham gave testimony before a Senate panel.  When asked why markets go down (or up), he replied that he had no idea. A few weeks ago, I was discussing a […]

Mrs. B and Blackberry

The story of Rose Blumkin (“Mrs. B.”) is almost legend at this point in the study of value investing and Buffett.  Her story is quite amazing if you have never read it.  Featured in both […]