A Tip Jar for Analyst Downgrades?

After the Great Depression, Ben Graham gave testimony before a Senate panel.  When asked why markets go down (or up), he replied that he had no idea. A few weeks ago, I was discussing a […]

Mrs. B and Blackberry

The story of Rose Blumkin (“Mrs. B.”) is almost legend at this point in the study of value investing and Buffett.  Her story is quite amazing if you have never read it.  Featured in both […]

Investing with a Friend

Anyone who can rub two nickels together has probably been asked by a friend or relative to invest in their business.  I am not to keen on the idea in general, but I think there […]

Let’s Go to the Movies…

I lean more to the cynic side of life when it comes to investing, but I do come across a variety of interesting businesses.  Not many of which are currently in my valuation wheelhouse, but […]

Musings from the Janitor’s Closet

In the (in)famous movie, Wall Street (the original from the 1980s, not the sequel), Bud Fox seeks to get insider information to relay to his hero and mentor, Gordon Gekko.  In order to find this […]

Rearview vs. Frontview

Unless you invest in start-up companies without rearview results, you are always using the rearview to forecast the frontview to some extent.  For most companies that interest me, the immediate road behind looks like a […]