Bedtime Stories with Dear Chairman

Any parent who reads to their children at night will enjoy picking up Dear Chairman and going chapter by chapter with their little one.  Your child may currently enjoy some version of Shrek or Trolls, but with persistence, I am sure a good parent could point her in the right

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Starbucks: A History Lesson

“Experience has taught me that it’s easy to talk about values, hard to implement them, and even harder for an outsider to determine which values are heartfelt and which are window-dressing. Wall Street cannot place a value on values.”  Howard Schultz If you want to become a better investor, I

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China: Expanding Your Circle of Competence

One point that Buffett hammers home nicely is the idea of staying within your circle of competence.  This blog post is a great recap of both Munger and Buffett’s view on circle of competence.  However, if you read between the lines, Buffett and Munger are both learning machines.  Munger has

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