“Discussing Short-Term Results is Hazardous to Your Financial Health”

“What gets measured, gets managed.” Peter Drucker

Investment managers abound who tout the benefits of long-term investing and being patient.  The most frequent place to find such statements are monthly or quarterly letters detailing a fund’s performance over the past month/quarter. Remember: what gets measured, gets managed.  Cognitive dissonance is at its best if investors believe they can track their everyday, weekly or even quarterly performance without managing to those benchmarks.  Mutual funds are stuck with a lot of regulations regarding such metrics, but private investment partnerships are free to state openly and from the beginning that they will not report results on a quarterly basis.  Annual or biennial seems more appropriate.  The SEC should require a new warning label:

“Discussing Short-Term Results is Hazardous to Your Financial Health”

Verisign: The Golden Yardstick

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