On Being a Cynic

By nature, I am an optimist, or at least I hope I am….

However, most of my thoughts expressed here tend to be highly critical, slightly cynical and somewhat pessimistic. Investing is a negative art. You seek to avoid losses, so you consistently look for things that could go wrong.  Being highly cynical and somewhat distrusting is useful in this business.

Being an optimist is helpful when you are starting a business.  You need to believe that the business will succeed, otherwise, why put so much effort into it?  However, when you are thinking about buying a piece of a company, thinking about what can go wrong tends to be more useful than dreaming about how you will one day be flying private when all the projections come true.

A word of caution born out of personal experience: such a cynical and skeptical attitude is less useful in marital matters….

I will be on the lookout for  good things to write about in the near future, but I doubt there will be any…





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