Verisign: A Case Study of a Great Business

Verisign (“VRSN”):  The quarterly update from VRSN is so enjoyable.  It takes so little mental effort to realize that this is a great business.  Additionally, each quarter, you realize how much heavy lifting is being done for you by the great business. You can find the earnings release here. VRSN

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VRSN Follow-Up

VRSN reported their quarterly results last night with a brief 30 minute conference call (you could also read the transcript in about half that time).  The remarkable thing about VRSN is really how unremarkable it is. The business is highly focused on managing the .com and .net registry (hoping to

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Boring Monopoly Still a Boring Monopoly: VRSN Update

VRSN Earnings Update: 2/10/17: No news is good news with most companies and Verisign (VRSN) is no different.  There is no real news this quarter.  As we first discussed, Verisign is a solid single, in baseball parlance, that has potential to turn into a double, without much risk of striking

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A Telephone Book Monopoly

This is a write-up on a company that literally hides in plain sight.  It is a great company with modest upside potential and fairly limited long-term downside.  It’s not a home run, but it is a sleep well at night sort of idea.  It is often ignored because of its

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